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Are you currently getting the income you want/need? Do you have a tight grip on your expenditure, including debt, tax and wastage? And overall, are you confident that you’re on track to generate enough money to cover your out-goings when you stop working?

If any answers are no, fear not, you are not alone. Many of us have never received any formal training about managing money the smart way, so pay for things with debit and credit cards, or take out loans and mortgage , without really knowing the true cost of borrowing in this way. We go from year to year without building any wealth, relying instead on some outdated believe that our house and pension will see us through ‘retirement’. The cost of keeping up with our friends with things like weddings, cars and houses, can cripple even the highest earners – which results in a whole bunch of embarrassing problems.

The first step to changing all this is acquiring some knowledge. Despite lots of technical jargon used in areas like tax, pensions, mortgages, investments, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Maximising our income from different sources, not just employment; minimising our expenditure, including interest on debt, tax and wastage; then investing some of the surplus to provide a good rate of return i.e. at least 30% every year, should be an absolute priority for a young professional worker (just behind health:). It’s not fun being broke and having money brings all sorts of opportunities as well as a much higher quality of life.

What follows is a snapshot of typical challenges many professionals face in today’s debt-ridden culture, and the consequences regarding finances. We then provide some tools to help with the following:

  • Maximise income from different sources including work, passive income, and trading stocks and shares.
  • Minimising expenditure including interest on debt, depreciation of assets (like cars), and paying too much tax.
  • Managing assets more strategically (like mortgages, pensions and investments), to make sure you’re building a pot of wealth that generates enough money to cover all your out-goings so you only ‘work’ because you love what you do.

Principles behind Great Wealth

Please note, we’re currently putting all these things together, and will be uploading soon.  In the meantime, please checkout our health section, as you’ll find once you get that area licked, you’ll be able to take on this area.

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