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[6 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

It is often said that success comes from experience, and experience comes from failure (or words to that affect). However, we don’t need to experience failure all the time to become successful at something – often it’s better to learn from someone else who’s already gone through that learning curve and is happy to share their experience.
Therefore, at AW3i we read a lot of books to bring you lots of content to make you (and us) healthier and wealthier. What follows is a list of our favourite ones, …

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[17 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

Many busy working professionals have got a reasonable idea of how much income they receive, but often no idea how many expenses they clock up each month. This can be both fixed expenses such bills and variable, such as a new pairs of shoes or a weekend break away.

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[17 Dec 2009 | Comments Off | ]

Are you currently getting the income you want/need? Do you have a tight grip on your expenditure, including debt, tax and wastage? And overall, are you confident that you’re on track to generate enough money to cover your out-goings when you stop working?
If any answers are no, fear not, you are not alone. Many of us have never received any formal training about managing money the smart way, so pay for things with debit and credit cards, or take out loans and mortgage , without really knowing the …