24 Feb 2010 Finance, Health »

Healthy Food For The Shopping List

Here’s 10 items of food to add to a weekly shopping list, ensuring you’ve got the basics covered for a healthy eating plan, despite a hectic schedule.

These will help you (and the family) to: cleanse every morning; snack between breakfast and lunch; keep muscles strong; avoid afternoon sugar cravings, maintain a healthy stomach; move things along internally; and indulge:


6 Feb 2010 Wealth »

Ever wanted to escape the rat race and holiday first class around the world whilst earning a passive income?

Or at the very least, create the blue print for such a compelling future that it would be almost impossible not to follow through with it? In his book, Tim Ferris has turned the concept of careers completely on its head.


23 Jan 2010 Contribution »

Every now and then a disaster comes along on an unprecedented scale. The earthquake that hit Haiti on the 12th January 2010, literally crumbled the capital and many surrounding areas – all of which were heavily populated by its people.

The death toll is in its hundreds of thousands, which means ten times that number will now be stricken with grief for the rest of their lives because of the loss of family and friends – including tens of thousands of children who’ll never know what it’s like to be loved by mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Whatever currency – whatever amount – whatever method – we are joining together to help; world leaders, entertainers and social media citizens from all around the world. As the headlines gradually change to other news, it’s now time to reach in and lend a hand to the people and organisations dedicating themselves to helping the Haitians rebuild their lives.


17 Jan 2010 Finance, Wealth »

Net Worth

Do you have a really tight grip on your finances – knowing exactly how much money is coming in and going out each month?

Many of us get so busy managing our careers, relationships and health, we neglect our wealth.  If we’re spending money, the real cost is actually 10-30% more than the price tag – why?  Because…


8 Jan 2010 Finance, Wealth »

This book by Robert T. Kiyosaki should be included in the school curriculum. Not because it’s a literature classic, but because it may save them a huge amount of hassle later on in life.

By getting kids to study the lessons, it would save them going into their adult life, like most of us have done, with no training. Because it’s this lack of training at an early age that causes most people to struggle financially all their lives.


3 Jan 2010 Finance, Wealth »

There are certain books which are almost pre-requisites to success – the one for wealth creation is Napoleon Hill’s ‘think and grow rich’.

It is one of the most influencial best sellers of all time, selling over 15 million copies around the world.  The reasons for its success?  Because it does what it says on the tin!  During the research for the book, he interviewed 500 of the most affluent men and women of the time and put together a 13-step formula to achieve the same success.


1 Jan 2010 Health »

Essential Kit

It’s not easy staying super healthy when early starts or long days in the office are required. Here’s a few things that will help you detox, get all the nutrition you need and sculpt a fantastic physique – in no time at all.

Warning: the following kit could seriously enhance your health – use carefully!


Planning Tools

Bored with setting the same goals every New Year?  Do you write them out in January and then forget about them until December?

Here’s a tool that can be used to plan anything from racing camels around the Pyramids to Tango classes in Buenos Aires.  It’s the work of Timothy Ferriss, a master of Lifestyle Design.  He’s living proof that the dream life is up for grabs, and he’s nice enough to share his secrets.


Managing The News

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stressed out trying to keep up with the latest business news?

It’s tempting to distract ourselves from getting on with making those essential business development / cold calls, and instead gorge on some news. Unfortunately, there’s so much available with mailing lists, trade magazines and of course, billions of web pages –  it can be the cause of stress and massively damage our productivity levels. Fortunately we now have RSS…


23 Nov 2009 Health »

The Placebo Effect

Many of us visit the pharmacy or engage in homeopathy treatment when we’re not feeling chipper… but could it be that the thought of taking something makes us feel better – not the actual treatment?

The definition of The Placebo Effect is: “a beneficial effect, produced by a placebo drug or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment“.