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Ten Great Reasons to Join a Gym

3 September 2009

Suzie at the gymnasiumArnold at the gymnasium

Modern-day gyms are now called Health Clubs, because they are good for more than just building muscle and loosing weight.

Here’s ten great reasons you should join one…

  1. They have extended opening hours – so we can squeeze in a session at the beginning, middle or end of the day if pushed for time.
  2. They cost money – so keep the riffraff out and incentivise us to get our money’s worth.
  3. They have showers and changing rooms – so we can leave fresher than when we entered.
  4. They have a wide variety of classes – so we can keep it fun as well as achieve personal goals: weight loss / build muscle / build metabolism.
  5. They have TV and Music on the cardiovascular machines – so we can keep entertained whilst getting buff.
  6. They have fancy equipment that we could never afford or would never buy – so we can workout safely as well as effectively and efficiently.
  7. They have saunas and steam rooms – so we can relax after exercising and sweat out even more toxins whilst not having to even move.
  8. Exercise makes our bodies work better – increasing our energy, vitality and self-healing capabilities.
  9. Exercise makes our minds work better – improving our confidence and self-esteem.
  10. There is usually lots of eye candy around, including the personal trainers and class instructors, and although they usually are far too good looking and toned (especially the ones at Fitness First in Cheltenham UK), they do know their stuff and can help design bespoke programs to achieve what ever goals you want.

So there’s some good reasons to join a gym or health club, but there so many many more.  For a more ‘technical’ understanding of why we need to exercise, check out the Principles on Exercising and Core.

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