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A disciplined sales process as a path to less stress and better health

8 April 2010

Guest Blog by David Masover

There was a period early in my sales career when I “got it”. My numbers were still meager compared to the heavy hitters in my office, but they were on a steep upwards trajectory.

So far nothing special, right? But wait – there is more. I also worked a lot less than most in the office, or at least I spent less time working than they did. What was the secret?

Non-random execution. What’s that you ask? Let’s start by defining random execution:

You see it all around you. If you think you don’t, open your eyes. Salespeople come into the office and immediately start checking e-mails and voice mails, returning them like a manic badminton player. Then they run off to a client meeting, late and unprepared. When they get back, there are more messages to return, a new crisis to resolve, and the quote they promised to submit before the end of the day.

No real proactive work at all. If there is a grand master plan for business growth, then it is hard to see amidst the chaos and reactivity.

Perhaps it was instinctive for me, or just the way I am wired, but this never felt right to me. I started my education in the sales school of hard knocks like most, with individual pieces of the puzzle. Over time, however, they began to line up nicely, fit together more and more seamlessly, and operate as a singular methodology rather than as a collection of tactics.

In each and every one of my varied sales endeavors, having a well defined sales process gave me a map to follow. A way to know what activities are important with respect to moving my sales and my career forward. It sounds like a small thing when you say it to someone who has not experienced the chaos of a life in sales. But look back at your last week. How much of your time was spent reacting to what was happening to you rather than spent doing something to move your career forward? You will always need to react to what comes your way, but if you don’t also make time to proactively move ahead, you won’t. If you don’t even know what moving forward looks like, then even if you did find the time, you would not know what to do with it.

Having a disciplined process and executing it well gave me the freedom to excel at my work with less stress, and with the time to have balance in my life. Getting to the gym, spending time with your family, and all forms of the enjoyment of life have their place in a successful life. Take charge of yours, and enjoy it all!

David Masover is a sales consultant and the Author of Mastering Your Sales Process. Click here to try the first 30% of the book free, or here to read other blog posts.

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