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We support busy professionals with Health, Wealth and Contribution.

Despite being more advanced than at any time in the past, paradoxically we face some challenges:

  • At no point in time have we known so much about health yet been so ill.
  • At no point in time have we had the opportunity to create wealth yet been so in debt.
  • At no point in time have we been so fortunate yet given so little back.

We promote the principles behind achieving great health and wealth, with the emphasis on keeping things fun, tailored and realistic.  We do this on-line via blogssocial media and ebooks, and off-line via presentations, seminars and events. If interested in these principles being delivered at your company event – anywhere in the world – please get in touch via the form below.

We run an International Mentoring Academy, which is not-for-profit, connecting those starting out in working life, with those who have already achieved success, and would like to give something back by sharing their experiences.

Our content has been synthesised from the concepts of renowned leaders, such as: Andrew Weil, M.D, Anthony Robbins, Dr Paul Clayton David Allen, Tim Ferriss, Richard Koch, Napoleon Hill, Keith Cunningham – and many others.  We’ve also incorporated real life experiences and most importantly – common sense.

Thanks for reading this far and good luck in your pursuit of great health and wealth.  Please forward on any content you like to friends and colleagues, and of course, share your own experiences via the comments tool at the bottom of each blog posts.  All the best, AW3i.

A few of the contributors:


adrian whitcombe_aw3iAdrian Whitcombe set up AW3i in January 2010.  The principles are partly based on his own experiences, having worked in professional office environments for over 15 years, and taken charge of his own health recovery between 2005-2007. He’s also a keen trader and investor, believing that we work hard enough for our money, so why not make it work hard for us?


leightonLeighton Spicer is a complete fitness fanatic: rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, surfing, coasteering, swimming, weight training, mixed martial arts and recently – Brazilian Jujitsu (where he’s just earned his first stripes). You name it and he’s got the kit somewhere for it.  He currently resides in the Cotswold (UK), with his lovely wife and newly born little baby girl.


Debs in gymDebbie Kyle has been a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for over 20 years, Debs knows all about managing a hectic schedule; as well as a mother of two young (adorable) kids, she works at the local nursery school and is an active supporter of the Naomi House Children’s Hospice.  Married to Danny, they believe in contributing beyond our own needs to help others.


chrisChris Jones is a veteran of life BG (Before Google), working in central London for ten year from 1995. Chris would regularly burn the candle at both ends until he decided to retrain in 2006 and became a fully qualified Outdoor Activities Instructor.  Chris’ experience of balancing long working hours with staying fit and avoiding the financial trap of ‘keeping up with the Jones’, is invaluable.

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