17 Jan 2011 Health, Relationships »

Tim Ferriss: Four Hour Body

Let’s not beat about the bush, who likes the idea of a lean chiselled body, lasting ecstasy in the bedroom and superhuman-like capabilities?

Well, normally we would say such things were nonsense – especially from the effort of just 4 hours per week, but given the author of this book is Tim Ferriss, it might just be possible.


Results for 2011

Not sure about you, but most people feel like they’ve been run over by a bus in the first week of the year back to work. So how do you ensure 2011 gets off to a flying start?

First there were New Year’s resolutions, then there were Life Goals, then came the art of Zen for modern man (and woman): don’t stress yourself out with any resolutions!


10 Jul 2010 Health »

Arnie in the gym

Gymnasiums are no longer just full of beefcakes pumping iron. Most have turned into modern-day health clubs, and offer busy professionals every incentive and support to help get fit, get healthy and get sexy.

Here’s ten great reasons to join one…


15 May 2010 Business, Career, Finance, Health, Wealth »

Google News and RSSIt’s not easy managing or prioritising the huge influx of other information coming at us every day.

The shear volume and variety of information to gorge on makes it far too tempting to put off the important things, such as completing actions that lead us towards our goals, and instead distract ourselves on things which are way beyond are control. The ‘news’ items are deliberately emotive in order to sell newspapers or increases TV ratings. Unfortunately this can eventually lead to stress and overwhelm as well as massively damage our productivity levels; fortunately, we now have RSS.


Information Overload

Do you sometimes feel overloaded with all the information coming at you? Is your productivity at work suffering as a result of managing email, instant messenger, facebook, twitter and all the other things you have to read through?


Okay, your finance director and IT department might still be insisting on everyone keeping the old mobile bricks for now, but there is a compelling argument for investing in smart phones for the whole sales team.

Doing business today can involve processing a lot of information, so it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed by it all and loose focus on what’s important: hitting the sales targets!!! Mobile apps can help us keep focussed and boost our overall levels of productivity.


8 Apr 2010 Career »

Guest Blog by David Masover

There was a period early in my sales career when I “got it”. My numbers were still meager compared to the heavy hitters in my office, but they were on a steep upwards trajectory.

So far nothing special, right? But wait – there is more. I also worked a lot less than most in the office, or at least I spent less time working than they did. What was the secret?

Non-random execution. What’s that you ask? Let’s start by defining random execution:


25 Mar 2010 Health »

Eating, drinking and washing are all part of a daily routine for most of us (hopefully). Unless in the know, we don’t generally give much thought about how the things we use everyday are processed and delivered to us.

On an average day, most of us ingest, breathe or absorb, a huge variety of chemicals without realising it – these can include: Pesticides, Herbicides,Fungicides, Fertilisers, Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Vaccinations, Ripening Agents, Colourings, Additives, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Waxes, Hydrogenated Oils, Trans-fats, Benzene, Toulene, Methanol, Radiation Treatment, Mobile signals, Wifi etc. etc. etc.

Whilst most of these individual chemicals pass certain ‘tests’ to make sure they aren’t too harmful for humans, they may not include the accumulative affect on our central nervous system (CNS) after mixing so many of them together.


18 Mar 2010 Career, Health »

Burning CaloriesOne of the most popular reasons for not exercising is a lack of time, which is not surprising given today’s hectic work schedules.

Fortunately there is something most of us can do to burn lots of calories, which doesn’t involve getting all hot and sweaty, and out of breath.


28 Feb 2010 Health »

Highly Recommended Kit For Keeping Healthy

It’s really important for sales professionals to look in good shape – because our bodies tell others [clients and prospects] a lot about us i.e. if we’re significantly overweight, that gives the impression of gultony and weakness.

It’s not easy staying in shape when we’re going through a period of working long hours.  Fortunately, there are a few items of kit that can really help us keep in shape quickly and easily.